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Controller of Site Safety (COSS) Initial


This course is intended to provide a delegate with the understanding to carry out the duties of a Controller of Site Safety when deemed suitable by their Local Manager.

Course Objectives

  • Have the ability to understand the railway environment and track terminology
  • Be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of all relevant safety procedures
  • Be able to demonstrate the communication skills required by a COSS
  • Be able to carry out a concise and accurate safety brief
  • Be able to undertake the emergency procedures resulting from an emergency affecting the safety of trains
  • Be able to demonstrate the setting up of a safe system of work
  • Be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of RIMINI hierarchy including zone working
  • Be able to demonstrate a clear understanding in the use of the Sectional Appendix, relevant sections of the Rule Book, Network Rail Hazard Directory and RIMPLAN
  • Be able to complete all relevant documentation

Additional Information

Personal Protective Equipment

This course requires the delegate to be on or near the running line, therefore, they MUST be in possession of:

  • Protective “all orange” high Visibility Clothing to Network Rail Standard
  • Safety Footwear (Boots) to Network Rail Standard
  • Safety Helmet (white/blue) to Network Rail Standard

This competency is valid for two years. A Network Rail Sentinel Track Safety card (endorsed with probationary status COSS (P)) will be awarded to each successful candidate. The sponsor must ensure a minimum of two further work place assessments take place within four months of the course date (observation by a mentor and workplace assessment by a registered assessor). A further work place assessment is required between the 9 & 15 month


Post course objectives and COSS Log Book will be issued to the delegate on completion of the course.

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