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DC Track Circuits


On successful completion of the course the delegate will be able to carry out first line maintenance and faulting on a DC track circuit in accordance with relevant documentary instructions.

Course Objectives

On successful completion of the course the candidate will be able to:

  • Principles and operation of DC track circuit;
  • Bonding Plans;
  • Regular maintenance procedures in accordance with Signal Maintenance Specification Services;
  • Full test on a DC track circuit;
  • Determination of right and wrong side failures and action required;
  • Fault Location for right side failures;
  • Identification of a variety of DC track circuit equipment.

Additional Information

Personal Protective Equipment

Full PPE is required for this course. All delegates are required to bring:

  • Protective “all orange” high Visibility Clothing to Network Rail Standard
  • Safety Footwear (Boots) to Network Rail Standard
  • Safety Helmet (white/blue) to Network Rail Standard

Written test paper plus practical assessments (both of which must be passed to receive a certificate)

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