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Safety Procedures for Working on Electrical Equipment (SPWEE)


SPWEE was introduced as a result of the Electricity At Work (EAW) regulations 1989 that came into force on the 1st April 1990. This states; “Employees should be trained and instructed to ensure that they understand the safety procedures which are relevant to their work and should work in accordance with any instructions or rules directed at ensuring safety which have been laid down by their employer”

Course Aims

To make candidates aware of:

  • Voltage and Current limits when working on or testing Electrical Equipment;
  • Electrical Isolation procedures;
  • Roles and responsibilities of those involved in electrical work.

Course Objectives

On successful completion of the course the candidate will be able to state:

  • The limit of work to be undertaken by a SPWEE card holder;
  • The difference between local and protective isolation;
  • The special precautions necessary when working on live Electrical Equipment;
  • Safety preparations for measurements to be taken on live equipment normally energised in excess of stated limits;
  • Safety precautions prior to undertaking work on equipment normally energised in excess stated limits but has been made dead by isolation.

Additional Information

Personal Protective Equipment

This course is classroom based and therefore no P.P.E. is required.


A Certificate of Competence will be awarded to the delegate on successful completion of the written assessments.

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