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TI21 Maintenance & Faulting


Delegates attending this course will develop their skills and knowledge to conduct maintenance and faulting activities on TI21 track circuits efficiently and effectively. This course has been developed by us in association and on behalf of Network Rail.

Course Objectives

On successful completion of the course the candidate will be able to:

  • Explain the basic principles of track circuits;
  • Identify the main components of a TI21 track circuit;
  • Explain the principles and operation of a TI21 track circuit;
  • Identify different configurations of TI21 track circuits;
  • Identify the restrictions & ‘Hybrid’ interfacing of adjoining track circuits;
  • Identify ‘Bonding’ & ‘Scheme Plan’ symbols;
  • Perform routine service of TI21 track circuits in accordance with the current SMS and complete the relevant documentation;
  • Fault diagnosis and rectification to a TI21 track circuit using a systematic approach;
  • Produce current and voltage profiles for a TI21 track circuit;
  • Use test equipment specific to TI21 including Frequency Selective Meter (FSM), LemFlex, Sleeper Integrity Tester and the Rocoil;
  • Interpret results from specific test equipment to identify possible faults at an early stage;
  • Identify Infrastructure conditions that may effect correct operation of TI21;
  • Carry out basic fault finding activities.

Additional Information

Personal Protective Equipment

This course is run both in the classroom and in a safe outdoor training environment. All delegates are required to bring:

  • Protective “all orange” high Visibility Clothing to Network Rail Standard
  • Safety Footwear (Boots) to Network Rail Standard
  • Safety Helmet (white/blue) to Network Rail Standard

This competency is valid for two years. A Network Rail Sentinel card will be awarded to each successful candidate.

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