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Safety Critical Work Place Assessments

S&T Training is licensed to carry out the following Safety Critical Work Place Assessments:

  • Individual Working Alone (IWA). This is a classroom based assessment
  • Controller of Site Safety (COSS). Workplace based assessment
  • Protection Controller (PC). Workplace based assessment
  • Engineering Supervisor (ES). Workplace assessment
  • Safe System of Work Planner Annual Review. Classroom/office based assessment
  • DC Lines Procedure A Level A Work Place Assessment.
  • DC Lines Procedure A Level B Testing & Strapping Work Place Assessment
  • DC Lines Procedure A Level B Switching Work Place Assessment

S&T Technical Assessment for IRSE Licensing

Candidates can if required allow the school to carry out assessments as part of the training course. This will consist of completion of registration documentation and other required paperwork upon successful completion of a training course and explanation of the licensing scheme including the assessments process and appeals procedure. Once this paperwork has been completed S&T training will agree with the employees manager a suitable time for the candidate to re-visit the school to have their assessment completed (out visits can also be arranged).

It is expected that during the interim period of completing a course and returning to be assessed the candidate will have gained experience on the equipment for which they received training and this experience entered into their IRSE logbook. This we feel is an important step in the right direction to give people the correct training for their respective roles plus offer licensing as part of the training process. we hope this will be seen by all as an invaluable benefit to any employer.

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